We offer the highest standart of service. The feeling of exclusivity and luxury will breathe on you from everthing that you experience in our salon. From design of the interior, to quality of the massage oils! But in the end, you yourself will find out, that our masseuses and masseurs are the biggest asset.


For maximal ejoyment of the massage, we carefully select massage tools and oils.

We are using only the best of massage oils, especially almond oils, which wont trigger alergic reactions, and they also have positive effects on your skin – moisturing and regenerating the tissue. Almond oils are fast to absorb and wont leave a grease feeling.

If you wish, we can mix our almond oils with any of the scented oils: grep scented oil has anti-depressive and refreshing effects. Sandal wood can help you heal and has a aphrodisiacal effects. The same way is also pačuli, which can lower your stress levels and help you concentrate just like Ylang-Ylang or Litsea Cubeba.

For Tenga Egg, Prostate and Anal massages for women, we use top qualitiy medical lubricant with anti-irritation compounds.

The Nuru gel has positive effects on your skin, it has moisturing and anti-inflamatory effects.

The main ingredients for our soap-emulsion are olive oils in BIO-quality with vitamins A and E.

For Prostate massages and Anal massages for woman, our masseuses and masseurs are using soft vinyl gloves without powder.

In case, that you know that you are sensitive to some component of cosmetic products or alergic in any other way, please inform us during your reservation. This way you wont be spared the beautiful experience, that massages at Diamond salon are.