Erotic massage for men

Moments spent having massage are one of the most pleasant times of our stressful life. Connecting massage and erotic incentive multiplies the effect. Erotic massage relieve stiffed muscles, detach mind from everyday problems and will support your libido. No other type of massage will give you this much energy.

Starting bath that you can go thru with your masseuse will get you in the right mood . The girl can continue with gentle touches during LAP DANCE during which the wanted erotic tension will grow steeply.

You will feel relieved when hands, breasts or bum of masseuse will touch your entire body. It is completely up to you if the masseuse will be naked or in luxury underwear and what intensity of touches you will receive. Let yourself be pampered, enjoy the time when all the attention is focused only on you. Your only task is to rest and relax.

There is no direct sexual intercourse between masseuse and client during erotic massage, yet it is very usual that the client will experience even multiple orgasms. Tell the masseuse if she can give the delightful ecstasy free flow or delay it at the very end of massage. The number of orgasms does not have impact on the time of massage, it will end after expiration of negotiated time.

1 masseuse

60 min

1 600 Kč

90 min

2 200 Kč

We accept payments by Euro or CZK.

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Enjoy a Lap dance before your massage! During a lap dance a gorgeous girl will dance and softly touch you. This will take apx. 10-15 mins. which will be count as part of the massage time.

500 Kč


At the end of massaging your intimate parts, the masseuse will use her feet. This supplementary technique will bring you delightfull feelings, not just because the varying pressure, but also from the look of her astounding body. This service cannot be ordered as single massage.

300 Kč


What is G-Spot for ladies, the prostate is for men. Its stimulation is suprisingly arousing and increase the erotic thrill of massage. Its also very helpfull in keeping this sensitive organ healthy.

1 500 Kč


Both masseuses will be focused on you, or if you wish, on each other. In this case is true, that the more touches the more intesive the experience is.

Erotic massage is a relaxational method and Diamond massage salon is in no way providing sexual services. Please respect that any atempt or sexual advances towards our personel will lead to immediate termitation of massage without any compensation.